Day #7 at Black Nights: How to make a living? Slaughter chickens or get a criminal education.

Today we look at different ways to make ends meet in Denmark, New Zealand, and Vietnam. On the streets of Wellington, a 9-year old boy is being set up to become a criminal. Tao slaughters chickens in solitude, up until one day he receives a visit from a noisy gang. And Kris and her partly disabled uncle try to keep the dying farm business alive.

In Mater we see how taking care of a relative can be a tough cookie of a job in itself.

18:00 Mater
, Sõprus Cinema
+ Q&A with guests: director Jure Pavlovic and cast and crew: Benjamin Mercui, Biljana Tutorov, Daria Lorenci-Flatz, Bojan Kanjera, Latica Friedrich

Jasna returns from Germany to her Croatian hometown due to her mother’s, Anka), deteriorated health who suffers from life-threatening cancer. Jasna aims to quickly take care of her hospitalization and then leave, but a sudden event will extend her stay.

As days pass, Jasna will find herself constrained in the place she once escaped forever from, her house, and with the person, she has a toxic relationship with. 

20:00 Savage, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6
How easy is it to grow up from a good boy to a vicious gangster in Wellington? 9-year-old Danny is going through the dangerous process of criminal education step by step as we witness a raw portrayal of street gang culture in New Zealand. 

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20:30 Uncle, Artis Cinema 1
+ Q&A with guests Marco Lorenzen, Frelle Petersen

Kris lives with her partly disabled uncle and together they run a derelict farm. In their quirky yet loving relationship, built upon daily routines, words aren’t necessary.
“Uncle” is a strong visual portrait of a dying culture in a traditional agricultural country.

21:15 Drowsy City
, Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+ Q&A with guests Martynas Bialobzeskis, Luong Dinh Dung, Diep Vu Thi Ngoc, Ngo Thi Phuong Thanh

Slaughtering chickens for a living, Tao spends most of his time in close proximity with the birds which seem to be the only companions to his solitude. Until one day three strange gangsters come to hide in the abandoned building where he is living in, bringing violence, noisy drunkenness, bullying, and a young prostitute.







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