Day #6 at Black Nights: not all fame is fortunate and not all love is sweet.

Some are in search of the spotlight, others become the center of attention in a terrible and unwanted way. Not all in life is for ourselves to decide. Equally fickle are the matters of the heart. Love expresses itself not only through sweet and positive emotions, sometimes love means frustration or… sending dick pics.

18:15 Gypsy Queen
, Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+ Q&A with director Hüseyin Tabak, actress Alina Serban, producer Danny Krausz, and DOP Lukas Gnaiger
She used to be a gypsy queen…until Ali became an unmarried mother and was disowned by her father in Romania. Now living in Hamburg, Ali works as a cleaner in the famous nightclub ‘Ritze’.

When she stumbles upon the boxing ring in the club’s basement, she gets nostalgic for the times her father taught her to box. Ali has enough fury to vent – and the talent to become the queen of the ring.

21:15 Some Beasts
, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
It sounds like a dream: setting up a family resort on an idyllic island off the coast of Chile. Until your host, and captain disappears and you and your close ones are left to the mercy of the island and its darker side.

Chile’s most loved actors Paulina Garcia and Alfredo Castro magnificently portray the falling apart of a family in the second film by Jorge Riquelme, which already proves him a master.

21:00 The Friendly Man, Artis Cinema 1
Rock Musician Aurelio suddenly finds himself accused of murdering a policeman, while the only thing he did is break up a street fight. This film, that highlights issues of present-day Brazil – racism, corruption, fake news, takes us on a thrilling ride to piece together what really happened that day.

22:30 Late Night Love, Sõprus Cinema
More often than not, love is just one big mess. Experience a set of painfully beautiful and unique love stories in this selection of shorts. From an itching longing for closeness to uncovering the motives behind dick pics.

22:00 – 01:00 Karaoke night @ Sveta Bar!
Tired of all these other people – actors, directors – being in the limelight? Tonight is your time to shine. Give voice to your favorite movie theme at Sveta Bar!   







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