Day #5 at Black Nights: your life is absurd, enjoy it!

Know those nights, when you walk out of the cinema, unable to speak for at least another hour? Some films let us feel life’s deep emotions thoroughly. But it’s equally impactful to be confronted with the absurdity of it all. Because: aren’t we all just little, weird-looking, humps of skin and bones; acting according to some rules of a place that appeared out of a big bang in the endless darkness?

On this Tuesday we serve you a perfect mix of sentiments and seriousness, absurdity, and humor.

20:45 Red Fields, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
A tribute to the cult rock opera from Israel: Mamy. The story of Mamy is very simple. And, originally performed in 1986, it’s subject – the never-ending Middle East conflict, and all the humanity that surrounds it – is still immensely relevant. For this film the renown rock star David Tassa newly arranged and recorded 16 songs.

20:45 The Disappearance of my Mother, Apollo Solaris Cinema 4
In the 60’s she was a model and muse to many artists like Warhol, Dali, and Avedon. But Benedetta Barzini grew resistant to the image of a woman created by the patriarchy. And now, at the age of 75, the sworn feminist would much rather say farewell to society altogether.

Benedetta has it all thought out; she will disappear on a small boat towards the big nothing. If it wasn’t for her son, who instead is determined to make a film on his mother’s colorful life.

21:00 Greener Grass, Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema

An outrageously absurd comedy about the seemingly faultless suburban life of a few families. The worst worries seem to be who organizes the best birthday party or who wears the nicest dress. Until Jill gifts Lisa her newborn baby. As you’d imagine, things start to get pretty strange from there.

20:00 The Rejected Shorts Picture Show, Sõprus Cinema
In the performance-oriented Western society, we have unlearnt how to fail well. Competitions, awards – we admit, as a festival, we are also guilty of participating. But luckily we have found a successful counteragent in The Rejected Shorts Picture Show.

In an hour and thirteen minutes, we’ll show you some of the worst short films made – they’re so bad it’s good! Get your dose of rejection and weapon yourself against taking life too seriously.

21:45 Black Nights Comedy, Artis Cinema 2
Another bunch that is not afraid to have a good laugh at life, are the filmmakers in our Black Nights Comedy shorts section. This sequence of shorts shows a fine appreciation for our existential absurdity.

Whether it’s a misanthropic train operator, a chain-smoking mermaid or an astronaut facing an Icelandic farmer – these stories will lift you up and let you find the humor in your own day-to-day.

Short films – larger than life stories
Want to see more good shorts? On this opening day of PӦFF Shorts, also two of the Shorts competition programs will premiere at Black Nights: Animated Competion 1 & Live Action Competition 1. Or discover the Arab countries, animated.     







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