Day #4 at Black Nights: let music soothe your soul this Monday.

Having a blue Monday? We all know that music has magical powers to soothe your soul. Come and join us at Black Nights Film Festival today and let your weary heart be lifted by a rock chick from Tunis or the magical voice of a young woman hailing from the icy fjords of Norway.

Where do these young artists of today find their inspiration and how do they resist outside pressure and stay true to their craft? Next to that, we’ll also take a look at the music industry and musicians from behind a famous photographer’s lens, dive into some dairy drama and discover whether three is company or a crowd.

18:30 As I Open My Eyes, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 4
Awarded twice at the Tunis Carthage Film Festival, this film is set just before the Arab Spring, and eighteen-year-old Farah is feeling equally rebellious.

While her parents have high hopes for her future career as a doctor, Farah sings in an activist rock band and lives to the beat of the Tunis nightlife. Will she be able to continue living her life as she wants, within the restrictions of her country?

20:00 Once Aurora, Apollo Solaris Cinema 4
Her voice like an echo that bounces of the icy fjords of her home country of Norway: Aurora Aksnes is the prodigy of Björk’s and one of the most charismatic vocalists of the young generation.

In this documentary by Benjamin Langeland and Stian Servoss, we follow her up close on her tour and witness her mature before our eyes. Will she be able to salvage her independent spirit and child-like sensitivity from the dangers of the contemporary music industry?

21:00 Show me the picture. The Story of Jim Marshall, Apollo Solaris Cinema 3
In Show Me The Picture. The Story of Jim Marshall we experience the music industry from a different angle. A child of immigrants, battling inner demons, Jim Marshall fought his way to become one of the most trusted mavericks behind a lens, to capture many moments in music history.

His pictures are characterized by honesty and a sense of trust from the musicians. What was Jim Marshall’s secret?

21:00 The County, Sõprus Cinema
Icelandic Inga is a rebel with a cause. The middle-aged dairy farmer rises up against the powerful local Cooperative. Fruitlessly trying to engage other farmers, she, unfortunately, seems to be the only one who is brave enough to step up.

Inga is forced to use her resourcefulness and cunning to break free of the Co-op’s grasp.

21:00 Trio, Artis Cinema 2
A comedy that radiates the fun that was had, while making it. Trio was written, directed and acted by the same three people: the Belgian Bruno Vanden Broecke, Ruth Beeckmans, and Matteo Simoni.

Gert decides to give his solitary brother who is struggling with depression a birthday present – an hour with a prostitute. When the woman turns out to be of such great influence on his brother, Gert becomes fascinated by her himself…







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