Day #16 at Black Nights: today might be the day you discover your new favorite film.

The final weekend of Black Nights has arrived. Instead of feeling sad about it, why not go for a film marathon to see every last bit you can take in? You might never have the chance to see some of these stories on a big cinema screen ever again.

If that sounds a bit dramatic, it’s because it is. Imagine never having seen your favorite film or never having read a favorite book, that changed your life. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to the cinema now – we start early today!

14:00 Dust and Ashes, Artis Cinema 2
+ Q&A with director Park Hee-Kwon and editor Ko Doo Hyun

Hae-su, a frail young girl who works at a factory, is always covered in dust. There seems to be a problem at home, which she is taking care of in mysterious ways. Clearly in distress, strings of clues are given in time. Just enough to keep the audience curious. But what is the truth behind Hae-su’s suspicious behavior?

Slow-paced, strong debut by South-Korean Park Hee-Kwon.


14:30 Stories from the Chestnut Woods (First Feature Competition, European Premiere), Sõprus Cinema

Survival had a special meaning for the people living on the borders of re-formed Yugoslavia and Italy in the wake of World War II. Locals found themselves divided on the Iron Curtain.
In one such location, Slavia-Veneta, along the Italian-Slovenian border, Stories From The Chestnut Woods are told.


15:30 Sekuritas (Rebels with a Cause Competition, World Premiere), Apollo Solaris Cinema 5

Turning conventional cinematic approaches in film upside down, director Carmen Stadler makes buildings rather than human beings dream of romance and liberty.

Before an office complex is set to be demolished, it expresses one last wish: a love story. It centers around desire, security, and a melody that runs through the entire fabric of the building. So when darkness descends and everything falls silent, the routine lives of those within its walls sparkle like stars, paving the way for intimate chance encounters and absurd humor to unfold. 


16:00 Shorts Winners, Artis Cinema 2

With films declared the best of the best by PÖFF Shorts international jury, the PÖFF Shorts winning films screening will also include the short film or animation that will be nominated for the European Film Academy award for Best Short Film.

18:00 Obscure (First Feature Competition), Sõprus Cinema

A lonely farmstead where a father and his two teenage children live in seclusion. Everyone in the family has their clearly defined responsibilities. Under the hand of the stern father, the only ray of sunshine in the life of the sister and brother is pure childish joy of being together when the father is not at home. Until the moment when the brother discovers that his sister has one more responsibility of which he did not know – to satisfy the sexual needs of their father. 


18:45 Willow, Apollo Solaris Cinema 4

Three stories about the struggle of three women and the strongest universal urge in life, to have a child. Facing the power of nature, superstition, and control over their bodies and the prejudice of tradition, these stories, set in Macedonia – one medieval, two contemporary – explore in an original way the themes of love, trust, and motherhood, that are of all times.


20:45 Once Upon a Time in Sad Hill, Apollo Solaris Cinema 5

Two couples are finishing a workshop on the philosophy of Fernando Pessoa in northern Spain. Embarking for the train station, they arrive at a deserted landscape; a long walk through the mountains leads them to Sad Hill, the shooting location for the final scene of Sergio Leone’s iconic western “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (1966).

In this abandoned cemetery the women confront the vicissitudes of their hollow marriages, circling through cinematic pasts with a new understanding of the present.


21:00 UncleCoca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6

Kris lives with her partly disabled uncle and together they run a derelict farm. In their quirky yet loving relationship, built upon daily routines, words aren’t necessary.
“Uncle” is a strong visual portrait of a dying culture in a traditional agricultural country.


21:30 Disco, Sõprus Cinema

This is not a film about clubbing. Disco tells the story of a girl from a religious congregation, who also happens to be the world champion in disco freestyle dancing.

When Mirjam collapses on stage one day, she begins to question her faith. In her frustration and search for answers, she is drawn to an even more strict religious group and decides to join their summer camp secretly.

A thrilling film by the Norwegian director Jorunn Myklebust Syversen, who takes a deep interest in religious extremism and cult-like symptoms in her work.








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