Day #15 at Black Nights: how are we connected?

Human relationships are a never-ending source of wonder. Sometimes, we connect deeply to someone by just spending a few hours by coincidence with them. At other times, we can’t even stand to spend a minute with our closest relatives.

Take a look into some examples of fascinating human bonds, today at Black Nights.

17:30 Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
+Q&A with guests Paolo Maria Spina, Andrey A. Tarkovsky

The brilliant director Andrey Tarkovsky, whose works are considered masterpieces of world cinema, left us with eight films and an ever growing interest in and desire to understand his work. The documentary by his son recounts Tarkovsky’s life and work, letting the director tell the story himself, as he shares with us his memories, his view of art and his reflections on the destiny of the artist and the meaning of human existence.

18:00 Mater (First Feature Competition, World Premiere), Apollo Solaris Cinema 5
Jasna (Daria Lorenc-Flatz) returns from Germany to her Croatian hometown due to her mother’s, Anka (Neva Rošić), deteriorated health who suffers from a life-threatening cancer. Jasna aims to quickly take care of her hospitalization and then leave, but a sudden event will extend her stay since Anka, is now bedridden and immobile. As days pass, Jasna will find herself constrained in the place she once escaped forever from, her house, and with the person she has a toxic relationship with, her despotic mother. 

18:00 Kalel, 15 (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+Q&A with Ferdinand Lapuz, Rodolfo Robles Lana Jr, Elijah Canlas, Carlo Mendoza

Kalel is a Catholic boy. Except for his mother and sister, no one else knows that his father is a priest. Kalel is recklessly searching for love and recognition from strangers he meets online and one day he is diagnosed with HIV. When his mother runs off with her secret lover, he is left alone with his sister and her junky boyfriend. When they are evicted from their home, Kalel has no other place to go then to see his father, who gives him money for the rent. But Kalel, being 15, is going to spend the money on other things.

18:00 Obscure (First Feature Competition), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with guests Kunlin Wang, Zhongqi Huang

A lonely farmstead where a father and his two teenage children live in seclusion. Everyone in the family has their clearly defined responsibilities. Under the hand of the stern father, the only ray of sunshine in the life of the sister and brother is pure childish joy of being together when the father is not at home. Until the moment when the brother discovers that his sister has one more responsibility of which he did not know – to satisfy the sexual needs of their father. 

19:00 End of Sentence, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 7

+Q&A with guest Elfar Adalsteins

After being widowed, Frank Fogle reluctantly embarks on a journey to honour his wife’s last wish of spreading her ashes in a remote lake in her native Ireland and a promise of taking his estranged son, Sean, along for the trip. As Sean steps out of prison the last thing on his mind is a foreign road trip with his alienated father. What he needs is a fresh start in California. But when his travel plans collapse, he reluctantly accepts his father’s proposal in return for a ticket to the West Coast and a promise that they never have to see each other again.


19:15 Kids of Kihnu (Special Screening, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6
+Q&A with director Mark Soosaar

The doc on the 9-year-old Kai from Kase farmstead tells a story of a young fiddler, singer, lover of lambs and goats. She is the youngest author of Estonian Radio as a reporter of news in Kihnu language. Thanks to the teacher Kuraga Mari, almost all kids of Kihnu have become skilly fiddlers and folk singers.

But if to take a closer look, we’d see that quite the same problems emerge in the children’s community as in the gown-ups’ one – envy and harrasment shadowing buoyancy. How would Kai solve these problems for herself, is about to unfold in the epilogue of the doc.

20:00 Bruno , Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
+Q&A with guests Karl Golden, Katie Hodgkin

The search for a dog brings together a homeless man and a young boy. A moving road movie set in the streets of London. Daniel lives on the street and secretly observes his old life from a distance. His only companion is his dog Bruno.

When Bruno disappears one night after an incident, Daniel starts desperately searching for him – and comes across Izzy, a little boy who’s run away from home. The unequal pair set out on a journey through the city that step by step brings them closer to home.

21:00 Arracht (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Isense Cinema
+Q&A with guests Dara Devaney, Tom Sullivan, Saise Ni’ Chuinn

“Arracht” is a complex Irish drama about the darker undercurrents in all of us.

The story begins in Connemara, Ireland 1845. A peasant and a fisherman called Colman (an endearing Dónall Ó Héalai) dutifully takes care of his family and his piece of land. He is an honest man who always keeps to his word and enjoys a good relationship with his landlord. But when the taxes go up yet again, even though the crops are rotting and the famine is getting worse, Colman goes to speak to his landlord in the hopes of solving this whole situation amicably. But that is not to be.







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