Day #14 at Black Nights: do buildings dream of love?

Do androids dream of electric sheep? asked author Philip K. Dick in 1968, in his novel on which the later Blade Runner film was based.

Whether it’s a sex robot, an office building or a half-alien woman in rural Sri Lanka: Today’s films at Black Nights invite us to view other inanimate objects and extraterrestrials with empathy and curiosity.

17:15 Who Made You, Apollo Solaris Cinema 3
+Q&A with guests Iiris Härmä, Visa Koiso-Kanttila

Artificial intelligence is reaching our mental and physical existence like never before in the history of humankind.
The film leads us to the world of cyborgs, sex robots and androids. Eye-opening scenes from Finland, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Japan reveals the ongoing processes and developments on global level. 

18:00 Sekuritas (Rebels with a Cause Competition, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 4
+Q&A with guests Carmen Stadler, Claudia Wick, Kathrin Veith, Anina Gmuer, Gina Keller, Duraid Abbas Ghaleb, Vilmar Bieri, Daniel Kasztura

Turning conventional cinematic approaches in film upside down, director Carmen Stadler makes buildings rather than human beings dream of romance and liberty.

Before an office complex is set to be demolished, it expresses one last wish: a love story. It centers around desire, security, and a melody that runs through the entire fabric of the building. So when darkness descends and everything falls silent, the routine lives of those within its walls sparkle like stars, paving the way for intimate chance encounters and absurd humor to unfold. 

18:00 Lorni – The Flaneur (First Feature Competition, World Premiere), Sõpru Cinema
+Q&A with guests Shahnaab Alam, Wanphrang Diengdoh, Adil Hussain, Sweety Jane Pala

A decade ago, Wanphrang K. Diengdoh had an idea for a film. Not knowing when it would be made a reality, he started drawing frames for the future film. On the side, he also made documentaries, installations, music videos, and music – the author is an active musician. Over time, his drawings were starting to take the shape of a graphic novel ready for publishing, but then came an opportunity to make the film.

Shillong is a small town with a self-fashioned out-of-work private detective who escapes the monotony of his drab life when he is tasked with investigating the disappearance of objects of great cultural value. Looking for one thing, he discovers something else…

19:15 Nordic Pulse (World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
+Q&A with guests Kristjan Järvi, Evelyn Köster, Jutta Loosen

Where do we find hope in a world that seems to be endlessly repeating its mistakes? Visionary conductor Kristjan Järvi believes the answer lies in being aware of the possibilities within yourself. In the unique world of musical creativity, he takes an orchestra on a journey to make the impossible possible.

19:30 Kerosene, Solaris Cinema 3
+Q&A with director Yusup Razykov

A lonely old lady (Yelena Susanina) lives by a big road. The only other sign of life is a store next to her house. At times, truck drivers stop at the store to buy vodka which they come and drink and the old lady’s place. She hosts them and cleans up after them, but her only companion is a chicken whom she carries along everywhere and who sleeps in her bed.

The chicken gets eaten by drunken truckers. The store is closed down. The power supply stops. The old lady starts dreaming of a pig and tries to obtain one. Not for food, for companionship, for there to be some life in the empty house and the derelict place.

20:45 The Seeker (First Feature Competition, World Premiere), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with guests Bernardo Barretto, Mario Patrocinio, Mario Hermeto

Isabela is the daughter of a powerful Brazilian politician. She falls in love with Giovani, founder of an alternative community located in the countryside of Brazil, aimed at sustainability and free love. Isabela, fascinated by this different world, leaves everything behind to seek a different lifestyle. After having lived for four years in that community, Isabela decides to pay a visit to her family on Father’s Day. She brings along Giovani and introduces her boyfriend to the family.

What was supposed to be a pleasant family gathering, becomes a nightmare for Isabela who has no alternative but to face and confront the ghosts of her past.

21:15 Suparna (Rebels with a Cause Competition),  Artis Cinema 2
+Q&A with guests Dhanushka Gunathilake, Duleeka Marapane, Sujeewa Priyalal

A half-alien half-human young woman, living in a rural village in Sri Lanka, with the help of two friends, tries to save their village from a multinational environment release corporation, while struggling to make up her mind about returning to the planet of her origin.







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