Day #13 at Black Nights: day of the courageous.

Stories from the Balkan and ex-socialist countries have a special spot in our program today. Have you ever experienced medieval Macedonia for instance? Or seen the Serbian version of Monty Python? In other words: there is much to be discovered on the big screen this Wednesday.

That is if you are not like the main character Seconda from the film Love Me Tender, who suffers from agoraphobia and is limited to the confines of her room walls. Until something unexpected happens and she is forced to go out and experience the world. Or Finky who has an accident that puts him in a wheelchair. He is ready to call it quits when a violent and avant-garde circus troupe recruits him as their newest member…

In different ways, life demands from us to be courageous, step out and face the unknown and our fears. You just don’t know what surprises await you, just around the corner.

17:45 Willow, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
+Q&A with director Milcho Manchevski

Three stories about the struggle of three women and the strongest universal urge in life, to have a child. Facing the power of nature, superstition, and control over their bodies and the prejudice of tradition, these stories, set in Macedonia – one medieval, two contemporary – explore in an original way the themes of love, trust, and motherhood, that are of all times.

17:45 Isac, (First Feature Competition, World Premiere), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with guests Stasys Baltakis, Saulė Bliuvaitė, Jurgis Matulevičius, Domas Strupinskas, Severija Janusauskaite, Agne Matuleviciute, Narvydas Naujalis

Courageous and stylish film-noir examines the dangers of life under surveillance in Lithuania during Nazi invasion and darkest times of the Soviet occupation. Infamous Operation Barbarossa expanded to Kaunas in June of 1941. 40-60 Jews were tortured and brutally killed in the most horrible incident, known as the Lietūkis Garage Massacre. A simple neighbor Isaac was among unlucky victims.

17:45 Cook, F**k, Kill, (Rebels with a Cause Competition, World Premiere), Apollo Solaris Cinema 5
+Q&A with director Mira Fornay

In her third feature film, “Cook, F**k, Kill”, Slovakian filmmaker Mira Fornay (“My Dog Killer”), is dealing with the challenging subject of domestic violence. Through an absurd drama, she’s following one day of Jaroslav K (Jaroslav Plesl), who’s obsessed with sex, cooking and is also a perpetrator of domestic violence. Pathologically jealous of his wife Blanka, Jaroslav employs abuse, deceit, and terror that lead to a family tragedy. 

18:00 Lost Lotus (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+Q&A with guests Denis Vaslin, Wensi Yan, Liu Shu, Zhao Xuan, Isabelle Glachant, Daniele Palau

After her critically acclaimed debut feature, Liu Shu delivers a powerful cinematic piece with Lost Lotus, a film that is at once suspenseful and thought-provoking. A meditation on religious beliefs and their influence on social behaviours, Lost Lotus unfolds as a poignant reportage in the incisive depiction of an all-female struggle within a male-dominated world of subtle manipulation and masked corruption.

18:45 Other Side of Silence, (Baltic Competition), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6
+Q&A with guests Algimantas Puipa, Kristijonas Puipa, Rimante Puipiene

For the 21st film Maestro A. Puipa cherished inspirations in a book “Bumblebee Honey” by Swede T. Lindgren. He chose minimalist storytelling and inhabited eternal sense of humour to capture strange relationships and unsolvable feud of two brothers.

Einar and Kaspar live nearby, separated by swollen river. They hate and despise each other. Conflict ignited after tragic consequences of mutual love affair to Mina. She was a mistress and wife at same time. Unexpected arrival of Isabel brings back sentimental feelings and bright memories. 

20:30 Finky, (First Feature Competition), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with guests Dathaí Keane, Dara Devaney, Eileen Seoighe, Pierce Boyce, Brid Seoighe

One night when Finky steals some cash and runs off to Scotland with his best friend, he vows to turn a new leaf, but things don’t quite work out that way. Finky has an accident and ends up in a wheelchair, he is ready to call it quits when a violent and avant-garde circus troupe recruits him as their newest member.

20:45 The Flying Circus, (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+Q&A with guests Vjosa Berisha, Fatos Berisha, Armend Smajli, Tristan Halilaj, Afrim Mucaj, Shpetim Selmani, Leke Berisha, Vedat Bajrami, Maylinda Kosumovic

At the beginning of the Kosovo war, the theatre play “The Flying Circus”, inspired by Monty Python, is closed down by Serbian authorities. The play is, however,  invited to a theatre festival in neighbouring Albania. Crossing the border at this time is of great danger, but when the four actors hear that Michael Palin, one of the actors of Monty Python will be in Albania at the same time as the festival, they decide to try their luck. They embark on a dangerous mission, crossing Balkan borders illegally and encounter many obstacles, to get to the festival and fulfill the dream to meet their idol.

21:00 Love Me Tender, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 7
+Q&A with director Klaudia Reynicke

Klaudia Reynicke’s unique second feature tells the story of a girl name Seconda (a captivating Barbara Giordano) who suffers from agoraphobia and is unable to leave the house. But when a tragic incident turns her life upside down, she is forced to venture outside, bringing with it a set of adventures and new unforgettable meetings.







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