Day #12 at Black Nights: the biggest stories hide even in the smallest mountain villages.

The reach of the stories told today is far and wide. And even in the smallest and most secluded of places, there seem to be stories hidden that are connected to historical events.

See one of the films in the competition today, check out a masterpiece in the panoramic section or enjoy an episode of one of the newest, hottest TV series!

18:00 The Names of Flowers (First Feature Competion, World Premiere), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with guests Bahman Tavoosi, Andrea D. Gutierrez

In Bolivian high plateau, an elderly countryside teacher has a quiet life but an extraordinary story to tell: she shared few words and gave a bowl of soup to a captured fighter in her classroom, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, few hours before his death.

18:30 Radius – Triya (European Premiere), Artis Cinema 1
+Q&A with guests Katharina Suckale, Akshay Indikar

In an age where, being oblivious to your true self has increasingly become a reality for many, such a path to self-discovery can lead to feelings of loneliness, confusion, fear and doubt.

Artistically inclined villager Avdhut Kale struggles to find his place in the metropolis of Pune. Working as a reporter for the local newspaper, he is stuck with helping his colleague write the horoscope section or trying to meet the demands of his editor who wants to publish factual but sensational news.

18:45 Animus Animalis (Baltic Competition), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 4
+Q&A with guests Giedrė Burokaitė, Aistė Žegulytė, Vytautas Katkus

6 years of careful production contains rewarding, unique and philosophical cinematic experience. Boldly visionary and gifted authors were patient to wait for wanted shots to happen after failed attempts.

Their stubborn persistence and precision created rarely so impressive time lapse cycles. Gorgeous, smart, hilarious ride to bizarre ritualistic world of stuffed and alive animals. 

19:15 You Will Die at Twenty, Apollo Solaris Cinema 4
+Q&A with actor Mustafa Shehata

In a Sudanese village, Muzamel is born readily cursed by a Dervish prophecy, stating that he will die at the age of 20. Muzamel grows up amongst looks of sympathy that make him feel dead before his time, until Suliman – a cinematographer who was working in the city – returns to the village. Suliman’s old cinema projector offers Muzamel a window overlooking a whole new world.

When his 20th birthday arrives, he is faced with a choice between accepting impending death and a bus to the world he is eager to experience. Winner of the prestigious Venice Film Festival Debut Award.

20:45 Despite the Fog, Artis Cinema 1
Paolo, manager of a restaurant in a small town in the province of Rome, is returning home after work on a rainy evening. Along the way he sees an eight-year-old child huddled in the cold at a bus stop and decides to take him home.

21:15 Dead Volume (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Isense Cinema
+Q&A with guests Kauê Telloli, Marcela Baliego Ferraz, Kaue Zilli, Fernanda Vasconcellos

Without permission and support from the school, a young teacher (Fernanda Vasconcellos) seeks to understand the strange behavior of Gustavo – a silent boy who is only 7 years old, nicknamed by the other children “Dead Volume”. However, the boy’s parents (played by Julia Rabello and Daniel Infantini) claim that Gustavo’s behavior at home is completely different from the one described by the teacher. The parents decide to conduct an investigation on their own, putting the teacher’s job at risk.

20:45 Killer Queen (Rebels with a cause Competition, International Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 4
+Q&A with guests Ramin Fahrenheit, Fatima Maziani, Norman Orenstein

A young woman released from a mental hospital is drawn to a drug dealer she sees at the cinema they both frequent. These two outsiders come together; both of them are eager to escape their troubled pasts.

One fateful evening, however, they plan to rob a married couple, but, when things get bloodier than expected, it is revealed that the woman has an uncontrollable compulsion to kill. 

And some jewels from our TV Beats program, screening today:

16:30 Little Things, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
A cohabiting couple in their 20s navigate the ups and downs of work, modern-day relationships and finding themselves in contemporary Mumbai.

The series progresses with everyday life explored through conversation between the couple. The language used is English, with a few sentences in Hindi (used mostly in slang).

18:30 Call Center (World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 2
It was a regular day at the office of a sex-shop call-centre before its employees received a call. The voices on the other end of the line threatened the staff that there’s a bomb in the office and all of them are now held hostage. The terrorists call themselves “Mommy and Daddy”. They start to play an odd twisted game with their hostages, giving them quite weird commands.

20:15 The Feed, Apollo Solaris Cinema 3
When everyone is using The Feed, what could possibly go wrong?

From the writer and co-executive producer of America’s highest-rated scripted show, “The Walking Dead”, comes an original drama series about our addiction to technology, our fear of what it is doing to our brains and our terror of what would happen if we had to live without it.







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