Day #11 at Black Nights: the darkness holds a place for outlaws.

On day 11 of Black Nights we encounter different types of outlaws, from the streets of Berlin to those of Kolkata. From a bar in the Philippines to a nightclub in Soviet Russia. Step out of your comfort zone and walk in their shoes for a few hours.

20:45 Supernova (First Feature Competition, International Premiere), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with special guests Bartosz Kruhlik, Izabela Kiszka, Jerzy Kapuscinski, Michal Dymek, Anna Mrozowska, Michał Hudzikowski, Marek Braun

Three men, one place, and one event that will change each of their lives. Taking place entirely within the limited confines of a Polish village road, and effectively unspooling in real time, Supernova is breathlessly in the moment, a nonstop feat of steadicam camerawork, a veritable cinematic panic attack. 

21:15 Man from Beirut (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+Q&A with guests Cristoph Gampl, Uwe Kamitz, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Blerim Destani, Grit Arndt, James Biberi, Susanne Wuest

Man from Beirut follows a blind hitman in Berlin, Momo, as he tries to survive after his emotions have compromised the outcome of his latest „cleaning job“: He encounters a young girl in the wrong place at the wrong moment, but can’t pull the trigger this time – and finds himself on the run alongside fellow hitman Kadir. To make it out of the Berlin night alive, the killer has to turn against an army of former friends and new foes.

18:00 Mananita (Rebels with Cause Competition, European Premiere)
+Q&A with guests Alemberg Ang, Paul Soriano, Bela Padilla

After being dishonourably discharged from service, a female military sniper spends her days getting drunk in a local bar, unsure of her next step or how to make ends meet. One day she receives a phone call recruiting her onto a mission that will take her into the depths of her scarred memories.

19:00 Invisible (Baltic Competition), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6
+Q&A with guest Kristina Ramanauskaite

Lonely reseller Jonas wanders in tranquil forests of Carpathian Mountains. He is conscious cheater, but also terrific dancer. Locals adore Jonas movements and don’t care, if his lost sight is likely pretended. Instant popularity gets noticed by cynical producer of Lithuanian TV contest show “Dance with Me”, which aim to introduce a blind dancing partner. Desperate businessman Vytas is still damaged after completed prison sentence and longing for painful loss. He frantically seeks to restore own justice. Both wounded men will eventually meet again.

20:30 Cat Sticks (Rebels with a Cause Competition), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 4
+Q&A with guests Ronny Sen, Theodore Shivdasani, Tanaji Dasgupta, Oliver Weeks

A rainy night in Kolkata. Amid the downpour a group of addicts filters through the city in search of brown sugar, an impure form of heroin, desperate to get their next fix. Their trajectories mingle and diverge by happenstance, taking unexpected turns as they ceaselessly seek an unachievable high.

20:45 Outlaw (Rebels with a Cause Competiton, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
+Q&A with Ksenia Ratushnaya, Evgeny Shwartzman, Veronika Chibis, Viktor Tarasenko, Sofiia Naboka, Gleb Kalyuzhnyy, Gevorg Markosian
“Outlaw” tells the story of gay teen Nikita (Viktor Tarasenko), who is in love with the most popular boy in his school (Gleb Kalyuzhnyy). Rebellious outlaw (Elizaveta Kashintseva), to whom anything appears to be permissible, watches on as their relationship develops. Simultaneously, we follow the tragic love story of a transgender dancer Nina (Evgeny Shwartzman) and a Soviet general (Vitaly Kudryavtsev), set in 1985.

Distributing films portraying homosexuality in a positive light was made punishable by Russian law in 2013.

17:45 Kontora (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+Q&A with guests Anshul Chauhan, Mina Moteki, Wan Marui, Max Golomidov, Yuma Koda, Seira Kojima, Akira Nishibu

Director Anshul Chauhan was born, raised and schooled in India, while operator Maxim Golomidov was born, raised and schooled in Estonia. Last year, they completed their first feature film ‘Bad Poetry Tokyo’ which earned recognition at various festivals. Now they present their second collaboration. Like with the first one, it is a Japanese feature film by country of origin. 

School girl Sora is living together with her father, but they have a complicated relationship, they are both as if living a separate life. When Sora finds a WWII diary from amongst her grandfather’s things, which contains a hint that there is a treasure buried somewhere near her home, she starts looking for it. 






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