Day #10 at Black Nights: going back to my roots!

It’s raining film stars! As the streets of Tallinn are quickly filling with film guests from all over the globe. Who knows, maybe in a few years, there will be new films out, inspired by our little capital. Grab your chance to meet these artistic masterminds and join us for one of the screenings where they will be present to answer all your questions!

Today: we present you with many stories of belonging and heritage, taking you from the chestnut woods of former Yugoslavia to a group of Germans living – and having to do quite secretly so – in southern Brazil. Some people in these stories have forgotten their roots, while others want nothing more than to die under the tree from their childhood.

15:45 Stories from the Chestnut Woods (First Feature Competition, European Premiere), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with producer Marina Gumzi

Survival had a special meaning for the people living on the borders of re-formed Yugoslavia and Italy in the wake of World War II. Locals found themselves divided on the Iron Curtain.
In one such location, Slavia-Veneta, along the Italian-Slovenian border, Stories From The Chestnut Woods are told.

16:30 Coming Home Again (Official Selection, European Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+Q&A with guest Jean Noh

Based on a personal New Yorker essay by award-winning author Chag-rae Lee, Coming Home Again – the latest film by Wayne Wang – is a deeply touching drama exploring issues central to the family, cultural legacy and the unfathomable emotional bond connecting mother and son.

17:45 Noah Land, Apollo Solaris Cinema 5
A Biblical tree, planted by Noah? In a Turkish village, a father and son get caught up in a web of belief and rumor. In the final stages of a fatal illness, Ibrahim asks his son Ömer to accompany him to his home village.

He would like to be buried under a tree that he himself planted as a young boy. When they get there, it turns out that the tree has become a shrine.

18:15 Tomorrow We Are Free (First Feature Competition, International Premiere), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with guests Katrin Röver, Reza Brojerdi, Hossein Pourseifi, Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, Patrick Orth

Iran, February 1979. The Islamic Revolution is shaking up the country.  Dissident Omid, who lived for several years in the GDR with his wife, chemical engineer Beate and their daughter, hears the call from his homeland and returns to Teheran with high hopes and best intentions, bringing along his family.

Driven by the desire to create a free and equal society, Omid and his comrades fight against violence and religious doctrines that gradually turn the country into a ruthless theocracy.

18:45 Bad Honey (Rebels with a Cause competition, World Premiere), Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6
+Q&A with director Gilson Vargas, actress Andressa Quines and producer Gabriela Bervian
Close to the end of World War II, a group of German citizens lives isolated in the countryside of the southernmost state in Brazil. Despite living with little contact with the Brazilians, the moment is not favorable for them: the national government openly persecutes anything related to Germany and even forbids speaking German in public.

Because of that, they try to be invisible, but the fear of what might be around makes them fragile and creates violent conflicts among them.

21:00 A Fool in Love, Love Like a Fool, (International Premiere), Artis Cinema 2
From a wealthy family, Xiang-Wei’s favorite picture book is about a mermaid by Kauff, and his family life is seemingly happy.

His mother pays extra attention into his education so that even a Careus like him can take care of his own daily life. Until one day, he takes the wrong bus and encounters the mermaid of his dream, Blue.

21:00 Looted (First Feature Competition, World Premiere), Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with director Rene van Pannevis, producers Jennifer Eriksson and Jessie Mangum and cast and crew Tim Atwood, Morgane Polanski, Charley Palmer Rothwell, Lara Serer and Tom Fisher.

Rob spends his days stealing cars with his gang in a town on the English coast. It’s a life living outside the law, one of thrilling abandon and excess. But when he returns to his home every night, Rob’s life changes.

Faced with a terminally ill father, Rob’s hedonistic activities are pushed aside for a façade of respectability. Becoming increasingly tested by web of lies he’s creating, Rob’s two worlds soon threaten to collide as the looming threat of him taking part in a clandestine raid at the local docks – a place with special significance for his father – becomes ever more apparent.

21:30 In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand (Official Selection, World Premiere), Coca Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+ Q&A with director Dimitris Bavellas, producer Lina Yannopoulou and composer George Boussounis

Greek writer-director Dimitris Bavellas has been known in the festival circuit for his awarded shorts and in 2013 his debut feature film, Runaway Day premiered in Sarajevo IFF. In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand is his sophomore feature film.

Antonis and Christos are two friends who live in a small apartment in Athens. Secluded from their social environment, they make ends meet as musicians for their 8-bit band. What really connects them, is the ultimate obsession they have for Laura Durand, a 90’s porn star, whose traces are lost for years. Until one day, they receive a message. And set out on a journey to find her.







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