Every PÖFF Wolf knows the law of the shiny fur: eat well and drink coffee. And the main thing: watch many films. As in previous years, the Wolves have again made a pact with Reval Café which has cosy dens in all the strategic places, conveniently close to cinemas. They are the ones to fill the ginormous collective stomach of the PÖFF family, from volunteers to jury members. Which is a very good thing, as PÖFF does not like an empty stomach. A cinema ticket is a valuable piece of paper also this year, so keep it safe in your pocket! At Reval Café, it will get you a cup invigorating coffee for just one euro, and many other great discounts at all the PÖFF A list places

10% discount on the menu with Festival ticket or badge

With the same they Festival ticket regular coffee 1 euro


Café addresses: Müürivahe 14; Pärnu mnt 27; J. Sütiste tee 19; Telliskivi 60a; Vene 1; Ranna tee 13b/c; Viru Keskus, Viru väljak 4; Postimaja, Narva mnt 1; Kumu, A. Weizenbergi 34 / Valge tn 1; Kopli 1; Rävala pst 3; Solarise keskus, Estonia pst 9; Sõjakooli 10; Karulaugu 13; Paldiski mnt 102

Editor-in-Chief of magazine Säde and a regular of Reval Café Kristi Pärn-Valdoja recommends:

Why do I love Reval Café? Because for me it has everything that makes a café my local joint. Pleasant atmosphere, good food, superb location in the centre of town, and what’s most important – super nice people. I’m telling you, when I have again been on a long trip and step into the café after a short break, they greet me like a long-lost relative! Reval Café is an unbelievably good place for holding work meetings or just enjoying a glass of wine with friends, having breakfast, or just drinking a cup of coffee and watching people through the window. And on top of everything, their sourdough with guacamole and salmon and the fresh cheese and passion cake are so darned good!

10% discount on the menu with Festival ticket or badge

Roseni 8, Rotermann Quarter
6271 266

Radio programme host and TV editor Kirsti Timmer recommends:

I think I can consider myself as a regular of Chicago. I have frequented it to enjoy good food and music since it opened, which means over 10 years. For me, Chicago’s advantages include a menu that matches my taste with regard to meals, snacks and music. You simply must try their spicy chicken wings and the indisputably best goat cheese salad in Tallinn! You’ll become addicted, I promise you! When I go out in the evenings, I like to have to do myself up and luckily Chicago is exactly that kind of a place! It is important for me, as I like beautiful people who have taken the time to care for their looks for the night. And when they offer the best music and very good service to go with good food – what more could you want? Your evening will be a great success, I promise you.

10% discount on the menu with Festival ticket or badge

Rotermanni 2
5333 7154
FB: flammkuchenbar

Musician and composer Leslie Laasner recommends:

Flamm is like a different kind of mini-rave, in a place which most people don’t know. If we compare the music that comes from the radio every day with food, this is pizza. A DJ swings Margheritas and Mafiosos live on the air so his forehead is covered with sweat. Flamm is a version of the same thing created by DJ Elsass who has French and German roots. It’s something you don’t encounter very often – the flavours sound familiar, but are actually something entirely different. If you like interesting alternatives and not the mass flavours, Flamm is a place for you. People say that underground is avant-garde. By its idea, Flammkuchen has never been restaurant food, or big dance hall trance. Flamm is like an over-talented bedroom musician who throws tasteful hit tracks at you straight from the home oven and you find yourself thinking: where were you before?

10% discount on the main menu with the Festival ticket or badge

Telliskivi 60a/8
5745 0922
FB: fotografiskatallinn

Evelin Võigemast recommends:

For me, it is important that Peeter Pihel, the chef of the Fotografiska restaurant, has created the entire concept on the principle of zero waste, which means that everything that can be used is used in cooking – from leaf to root, from nose to tail. This in turn makes me think how much we consume and how we handle the waste we generate – at restaurants, at home and in the society as a whole. The entire menu being exceptionally tasty is elementary, but as a bonus the restaurant offers many culinary surprises, considerably broadening the horizons as to what can actually be used in cooking. And for quite a while now I have been grading the level of restaurants by how well they prepare their vegetarian dishes. Exquisite!

And after your meal, I recommend that you visit the various exhibitions of Fotografiska. Having such a museum in Tallinn is a special luxury, particularly if you do not happen to visit Stockholm and New York that often.


Special offer for the owners of Festival ticket or badge: Pöff a´la tartar or warm octopus salad with sparkling drink 9 euros.

Dessert and coffee at choice 6 euros.

Kopli 3
5555 7374

Socialite Anu Saagim recommends:

I have gladly invited my interviewees for a late breakfast or lunch at the cosy Jahu Resto next to the Central Railway Station. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that the flour they use for cooking there is ecological, just like other raw produce which is biodynamic and of organic origin.

I have particularly enjoyed the Bolete risotto, the fried perch and the tender duck breast, not to even mention the exquisite side dishes. I am a great wine lover and the wines at Jahu Resto are truly extraordinary, because they prefer wines made of grapes grown on volcanic soil. Plus, the pleasant service, good atmosphere and the merry owner Vadim – and as if by miracle, a grey autumn day becomes a celebration.  

Keele viisid alla puravikurisoto, praetud koha ja mahe pardirind, hõrkudest lisanditest rääkimata. Olen suur veinilemb ja veinid on Jahu Restos tõepoolest haruldased, sest eelistatud on just vulkaanilisel  pinnasel kasvanud viinamarjadest tehtud märjukesed. Lisaks meeldiv teenindus, hea atmosfäär ja rõõmsameelne restorani omanik Vadim – ning hallist sügispäevast saab justkui imeväel pidupäev.  


Special offer for the owners of Festival ticket or badge: Vegan pizza 6 euros, meat pizza 8 euros, Chorizo-burger & fries 9 euros.

Freshly roasted coffee 1 euro.

Estonia pst 19/2
FB: Jahu Tänavagurmee

Translator and editor Reili Brandt recommends:

For me, Jahu Street Gourmet is love at first sight and first bite. This little café with its great downtown location is my first choice for going out for delicious pizza with my family or having a tasty burger with my friends before heading to the cinema. On warm summer days I can sit outside and easily imagine myself enjoying my favourite pizza bianca with truffle paste somewhere in Italy. The taste is so authentic and good that you are guaranteed to have a real culinary experience.

And if the cold Estonian weather sets in again, the café with its modern-designed interior is spacious enough to accommodate all fans of good and high-quality street food around its counter. You can even throw a birthday party there! Prosecco is always chilled and French fries are the best in town!

Keele viisid alla puravikurisoto, praetud koha ja mahe pardirind, hõrkudest lisanditest rääkimata. Olen suur veinilemb ja veinid on Jahu Restos tõepoolest haruldased, sest eelistatud on just vulkaanilisel  pinnasel kasvanud viinamarjadest tehtud märjukesed. Lisaks meeldiv teenindus, hea atmosfäär ja rõõmsameelne restorani omanik Vadim – ning hallist sügispäevast saab justkui imeväel pidupäev.  


10% discount on the main menu with the Festival ticket or badge

Uus 31
611 9026

Freelancer Silver Pukk recommends:

Leib is extraordinary and familiar, just like a very good friend. Meetings are always awaited and enjoyable and make you feel good for a long time. Reception is always warm and guests are taken good care of. Leib offers authentic and honest flavours, their kitchen is top class and their wine card is the best in Estonia. It is a place where you want to go again and again and every visit is special.

10% discount on the main menu with the Festival ticket or badge

Viru väljak 3
622 2990
FB: Restoran Monaco

Musician and organiser of the JuuJääb Festival Villu Veski recommends:

Over the years, Nordic Hotel Forum has become my second home. And therefore, I can say with certainty that the chefs at the restaurant here are true masters of the art of cooking.

10% discount on the main menu with the Festival ticket or badge

Uus 25
5332 9944
FB: barnaganaga

Designer, copywriter, blogger, Designer of the Year 2017 Helene Vetik recommends:

For me, Naganaga is one of the most legendary lunch spots in town. There are only a few places in Old Town which are not built to be tourist traps. Naga evokes a cozy feeling that Old Town still belongs to the people. During lunchtime, I usually order daily offers which might include chanterelles or some other seasonal goodies. Another time I grab their local guilty pleasure - a bowl of crunchy stretchy Rain’s cheesy cheese balls. Why are Rain’s cheese balls named after a person? Because Naga’s dishes are made up by real people and these excellent cheese balls were created by Rain.

10% discount on the main menu with the Festival ticket or badge

Vana Turg 1
627 9020
FB: OldeHansa

Conductor Kadri Tali recommends:

The international musicians of the Nordic Symphony Orchestra, which has gathered in Tallinn for 22 years by now, have an unwritten rule: on the night of the first rehearsal, new musicians are invited to the Olde Hansa Restaurant. This has become an unbreakable tradition, a tradition that unites. A dinner at Olde Hansa with friends from the stage gives a better idea of Estonians, our history, hospitality, tasty food and Tallinn than a thousand words ever could.

10% discount on the main menu with the Festival ticket or badge

Peetri 5
5666 2800

Music journalist and critic Siim Nestor recommends:

The main reason I love sitting in the Põhjala Tap Room is that I don’t feel a tiny bit oppressed there. The entire building has a pleasant and free-spirited atmosphere, with rooms spacious in every direction and other customers who seem as friends.

More to the point, it is a beer restaurant with a Texas BBQ menu which is very filling, tasty and memorable, no matter how you approach it – by ordering nicely grilled pork, beef or chicken. The BBQ sauces to complement the dishes are prepared in the same kitchen, just like the side dishes of pickled cucumbers, kimchi, sausages, beans, buns and fries.

If you have an appetite for more than one type of BBQ meat, you can order a combo plate with an assortment of different meats. The same applies to when you get stuck choosing in front of the long row of beer taps – the longest in Estonia, with 24 craft beers on tap – you can always order a beer tasting selection.

Põhjala Brewery, the owner of the restaurant, has been selected among the best 100 breweries in the world, has also entered the world of ice-cream. Only at the Tap Room, you can cool down eating a cold dessert mixed by Põhjala, unless you prefer finishing your meal with a fruit cobbler or a malted banana or chocolate cake. For a dessert, I personally love the restaurant’s own beef jerky – soft, smoky, sweet and salty at the same time. I wish its taste would stay in my moustache forever.


10% discount on the main menu with Festival ticket or badge (except lunch menu)

Rotermanni 14
FB: R14 resto

Head sommelier Rein Kasela recommends:

R14 wine restaurant is a place where the head chef and sommelier work together to create tastes that are in harmony and for the enjoyment of guests who will return, time and again. R14 and Rein Kasela's Wine Room work together to offer expert advice to customers looking to buy exclusive drinks to take home or for enjoyment at the restaurant. Aside from great food and lovely evenings, restaurant R14 offers educational wine classes and tastings. Depending on your budget and tastes, you will be able to enjoy various wines and accompanying food at this centrally-located wine restaurant.

Free glass of red or white wine with the main dish with the Festival ticket or badge

Vase 14 / Faehlmanni15
518 8510
FB: Saltrestoran

IT entrepreneur Risto Kõresoo recommends:

Salt has been open for quite a while now, and for quite a while I walked past it and wondered why the small place is always crowded…

Now I know. Be it winter or summer, as soon as you enter you step into another world. Small, a bit disorganised, full of the best smells of food. It’s as if you’ve suddenly stepped into a Mediterranean restaurant where you’re welcomed like a long-awaited guest and the table is filled with the best dishes for you and your friend to share, taking you on a true journey of flavours through the best places in the world.

When you finally stumble out, utterly satisfied and brimming with positive emotions, you will keep thinking back to the wondrous journey you just went on… Highly recommended!

10% discount on the menu with Festival ticket or badge

Solaris Centre 2 floor / Solaris Centre 0 floor
Balti Station Market / T1 Mall of Tallinn /Tartu Mall/ Tripla Helsinki

Singer Maarja-Liis Ilus recommends:

Years ago, I used to visit Japan quite often and the Japanese cuisine quickly became my favourite. Tokumaru is practically the only place in Tallinn, where I can again enjoy those wonderful flavours. 

I most often visit the Solaris Tokumaru where chicken katsu curry is my undisputable favourite. I am very happy that Tokumaru’s high quality has remained high over time.

Glas of wine or Cappy juice 1 euro with salad, pasta or pizza with Festival ticket or badge.

Hobujaama 10
Solaris Centre, Estonia pst 9
628 5999

Programme host Jaanus Koort recommends:

For me, Vapiano is a place where I really enjoy having lunch and dinner both alone and with companions. As I work mostly in central Tallinn on a daily basis, I most often visit the Vapiano at Solaris Centre, but I naturally also know the other Vapiano restaurants in Tallinn. Pastas are definitely my favourites. As Vapiano offers more than ten different pasta varieties, I have as yet never got fed up with the Vapiano pastas: there is always something to choose from and enjoy. Besides pastas, I also love pizzas and these are also very tasty at Vapiano.

In addition to good food and drink, I like the location of the Solaris Centre Vapiano. Sitting by the window o nthe second floor and enjoying a nice meal while watching the bustle of the city centre helps take time off for a bit and focus my thoughts.


Festival ticket will give you a discount 15% and a Festival badge a discount of 20% from the entire menu (except for lunch menus and special offers)

Lutsu 3, Tartu
5811 9597
FB: kohvikrestoJOP

Food photographer and blogger Katrin Metsaots recommends:

Every city has its own special thing and we have JOP. It’s different and distinctive, but that is what people today are looking for – something that would tickle the senses and satisfy the appetite. I am no exception.

The best roasted beet and goat cheese! Yes, they made me love goat cheese. Thank you, JOP!

JOP is a meeting place of art and design, the present and the past, and offers an inspiring combination of food and drink. If you’re lucky, you’ll get there soon enough to taste their beet and goat cheese combo. It’s the best! I guarantee you.

Drinks at the bar -10% with a same-day Festival ticket 

Rüütli 7
529 7567
FB: KampusTartu

DJ duo HOL recommends:

Kampus is our number one! We probably don’t even know another place where it would be nice absolutely anytime. The atmosphere there is ideal for both daytime business lunches and simply hanging out at night.

Of course, indecisive people like us may at times find it rather frustrating that Kampus has 3 different kitchens – KAUSS, Uulits and the Chef’s Corner –, because we naturally always want everything at once! Our heart of hearts, though, belongs to crispy shrimps in Kataifi crust and the bacon and salted caramel burger! And our high praise goes to the Kampus cocktails which can be enjoyed late into the night. We dare even claim that you cannot get better ones anywhere in Tartu!






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