Other Side of Silence

Teisel pool vaikust
Kita Tylos Puse

Baltic Film Competition

2019, 100 min
dir: Algimantas Puipa
Prod: Uljana Kim
Scr: Jonas Cornell
DoP: Algimantas Mikutėnas
Cast: Juozas Budraitis, Viktorija Kuodytė, Povilas Stankus, Asta Stankūnaitė
Production: Studio Uljana Kim
Language: Lithuanian


For the 21st film Maestro A. Puipa cherished inspirations in a book “Bumblebee Honey” by Swede T. Lindgren. He chose minimalist storytelling and inhabited eternal sense of humour to capture strange relationships and unsolvable feud of two brothers.
Einar and Kaspar live nearby, separated by swollen river. They hate and despise each other. Conflict ignited after tragic consequences of mutual love affair to Mina. She was a mistress and wife at same time. Unexpected arrival of Isabel brings back sentimental feelings and bright memories. Younger writer sacrifices to calm down their painful and vengeful sufferings. But who this kind woman really is?
Three actors shine in northernly cold story about burden of guilt, hatred, love, redemption and death. Legendary J. Budraitis won the Best Actor award for sensitive performance at Scandinavian IFF, where mystical drama was crowned as the Best international Film.


Algimantas Puipa (1951)

Filmography: Valik/Selected: Velnio sékla (Devil's Seed, 1980), Elze is giljos (1999, Elze elu, PÖFF 2000), Dievu miskas (Forest of the Gods, 2005), Nuodemes uzkalbejimas (Patu sosin, PÖFF 2007), Mieganciu drugeliu tvirtove (Uinuvate liblikate kindlus, PÖFF 2012), Kita Tylos Puse (Other Side of Silence, 2019)






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