PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF
Safety for Foreign Guests

The Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) corona virus requirements for foreign guests:

  1. All the guests arriving from abroad must do a corona virus PCR test up to 72 hours before their departure from their country of location or residence and hold a certificate in English to prove a negative result. The certificate has to be forwarded to the Guest Department of PÖFF before the flight.

  2. Foreign guests who have arrived from a third country shall complete the Police and Border Guard Board’s special application form and forward that to the Guest Department of PÖFF. Information concerning travelling to Estonia is available on the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visa information is available at here.
    The requirements may change in accordance with the national restrictions established in Estonia – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Health Board.

  3. Before arriving in the Republic of Estonia, foreign guests of the festival will complete the ‘Data for Coronavirus Test’ form which the Guest Department has previously sent to them. The data included in the form are necessary for corona virus testing at Medicum.

  4. PÖFF will organise the reception, transfer and nasopharyngeal corona virus testing at Medicum.

  5. All the foreign guests must carry a personal identification document for corona testing.

  6. PÖFF will organise the transfer from Medicum to the hotel where the guest will wait in self-isolation until SYNLAB’s laboratory phones with the result (max 24 h).

  7. In the case of a negative result, guests can move about indoors wearing a mask (masks are provided by the festival) and adhering to all the safety requirements (disinfecting hands, keeping the 2 + 2 distance, staying only in the festival territory). If the stay is longer, a repeat test has to be taken on the 7th day.

  8. For the delegation or foreign guest of every film, the festival has appointed a volunteer contact person who checks that the guest complies with safety requirements.

  9. Foreign guests are instructed not to leave the festival territory and meetings are to be held in the hotel lobby where all the safety precautions must be taken when communicating with third persons (disinfecting hands, wearing a mask, keeping the 2 + 2 distance), and, if necessary, the contact details of the third persons will be forwarded to the Guest Department.

Safety during PÖFF
Random body temperature checks will be performed in the festival territory.
All the accredited guests of the festival must comply with the orders of the organisers:

  1. All the restrictions are in accordance with the nationally established restrictions and recommendations in Estonia. Upon changes therein, the organiser will, if necessary, also make changes in the festival restrictions.
  2. Regular hand disinfecting.
  3. Recommendations and information on wearing the mask correctly and the distribution of masks.
  4. Keeping social distance (2+2).
  5. Recommendation to all the festival participants and guests to use the HOIA.me application.

Instructions on how to act in the case of a positive corona virus test:

  1. If the test result is positive, the guest will stay in self-isolation in his/her hotel room under the observation of a physician from the family physician centre Sinu Arst, until the physician grants him/her the permission to return home. The guest will be hospitalised, if necessary.
  2. All the healthcare service costs, additional nights at the hotel and other expenses related to illness and corona virus will be covered by the guest (i.e. his/her health insurance).
  3. Upon concluding a travel insurance contract, foreign guests of the festival have to include payment for all the healthcare services so that it also covers the possible quarantine costs (the average of a 14-day additional stay in Estonia), the medical evacuation of a corona virus patient to the home country, if necessary, and – in the worst case – the high costs of hospital treatment.

Return of foreign guests to their home country:
Guests have to review the corona virus related requirements and obligations entailed in returning from the Republic of Estonia on the homepage of the foreign ministry of their home country.