PÖFF : 2020 : BNFF

International Premiere

Erna at War

Local title
Erna on sõjas
Original title
Erna I Krig
Henrik Ruben Genz
Denmark, Estonia, Belgium
24th Black Nights Film Festival

Henrik Ruben Genz had already studied art when he commenced his studies at a film school. He made his diploma film at the age of 36, as a fully developed individual. His film career has, indeed, been characterised by the fact that he knows what he is doing. That sure-handedness in his creative work has led to several of his directed TV series and feature films being available in the Netflix and Amazon collections.

The film is set in Jutland during World War I. Kalle is a childminded boy whose simplicity is so obvious that he would hardly be expected to be invited to enlist in the army. But things go differently and Kalle is mobilised. His mother Erna cannot accept it: no one wants to send their child to war, particularly if you’re afraid that your son cannot cope in his bliss-ful innocence. Thus, Erna decides to follow his son to protect him. He goes to war as Kalle’s mother, but becomes the a Mother-figure for many soldiers in the unit. And although surrounded by war and battlefields, Erna again discovers her inner Woman.

With his previous works, the director has demonstrated his very good ability to tell stories. This story is based on strong literary source material and adaptation. The author has assumed the complicated task of visualising Erna’s war campaign, dressed in men’s clothes, in such a way that the viewers start to believe and respond to the story. Thanks to the skilful use of closeups and good editing and, above all, the acting skills of superb actress Trine Dyrholm in those closeups, the author has achieved his goal.

Mihkel Möölman

Jury Prize for The Best Actor – Ulrich Thomsen

Henrik Ruben Genz
Bo Hr. Hansen, Henrik Ruben Genz
Trine Dyrholm, Ulrich Thomsen, Anders W. Berthelsen, Sylvester Byder
Birgitte Hald, Nynne Selin Eidnes
Jørgen Johansson
Anders Skov
Nimbus Film, Nafta Films, Entre Chien et Loup
Danish, German
Henrik Ruben Genz

Henrik Ruben Genz (snd 1959) lõpetas 1995. a Taani Rahvusliku Filmikooli. Samal aastal pälvis tema „Ristteed“ Müncheni tudengifilmide festivalil parima filmi ja stsenaariumi auhinna. Genzi lühifilmidest on seni edukaim olnud „Vend, mu vennake“ (1998), mis tõi talle Oscari-nominatsiooni ja Berliini festivalil Klaaskaru. Genzi esimene täispikk mängufilm „Just nagu Hodder“ (2003) on võitnud preemiaid mitmel festivalil, sh Chicagos, Londonis, Poznanis ja Zlinis. Genzi järgmised filmid „Hiinamees“, „Hirmõnnelik“, „Satisfaktsioon 1720“ ja „Jumala sõna“ linastusid PÖFFil vastavalt 2006., 2008., 2016. ja 2017. aastal. „Erna on sõjas“ on Genzi kaheksas täispikk film.

Omveje (Cross Roads, 1995), Brormin bror (Theis and Nico, 1998), En som Hodder (Someone Like Hodder, 2003), Kinamand (Hiinamees, PÖFF 2005), Frygtelig lykkelig (Hirmõnnelik, PÖFF 2008), Undskyld jeg forstyrrer (Excuse Me, 2012), Good People (2014), Tordenskjold & Kold (Satisfaktsioon 1720, PÖFF 2016), Gud taler ud (Jumala sõna, PÖFF 2017), Erna i krig (Erna at War, 2020)


Q&A with the filmmaker